Saturday, April 14, 2007

Car update

So, the BBB figured out that it was probably cheaper and less of a hassle to settle with me than deal with the insurance company and explain to them how she was talking on a cell phone, did not spot a red light, and did not see a stopped car in front of her.

So, I did what any good honest lawyer-in-training would do and went to the nearest car body shop to get an estimate. Of course, given UCLA's location, the nearest car body shop happened to be close to Bel Air, and the resulting estimate defiantly included the expected Bel Air markup.

And BBB just wrote me a check to cover the estimate. I guess I'll have to fix my brake light. But I'm going to 1) fix my brake light at a much cheaper mechanic and 2) leave the dent in the bumper there.

And I'm going to take the differential and spend it on something that gives me more joy than having a new bumper: Alcohol.

I hope I get hit next time by a Ferrari (a.k.a. car for people with a small insecurity). I wonder what I'll get as a settlement for that.


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