Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Carraways and the Buchanans

While spring break occurred, some mighty important news transpired that affect all decisions made at every law school throughout the country. No, there was not another Supreme Court nomination. Nor did the ABA come out with any new guidelines.

Instead, the annual USNWR Rankings came out. Make no mistake about it, these rankings affect everything from faculty hiring to alumni donations to admissions decisions.

UCLA stayed at #15. No surprise. Same as last year.

Anyone reading this should know what the letters T14 stand for. And there's lots of talk about when the T14 will be broken up by the inclusion of one of the upstart law schools. Indeed, this year Georgetown and UCLA were separated by the smallest margin ever, and there is definitely a large segment of the school that thinks that it is inevitable that we will be up there soon. Regardless of whether we make it or not, obsession over being 14/15 is a waste of time.

If we make 14: It's the whole East Egg/West Egg situation played over again. Being ranked #14 won't make the East Eggers accept the West Eggers, as we will never be accepted as part of the 'old money elite' and will always be viewed of as the 'upstart' law school (we are the youngest law school by far among the top 30 schools in the country). We will forever be viewed as the school that focuses on entertainment law and not highbrow constitutional issues, and will simply be viewed as a non-T14er just sharing the same space as the T14 in a magazine column.

Personally, this is why, regardless what the magazine says, I don't believe that we will ever break the figurative T14. Because even if we do, people will simply eject us and Georgetown, and consider the "elite" to consist of only 13 schools.

But hey, USNWR has got to sell magazines, and drastically altering the status quo that has existed for the last twenty years and admit a upstart newcomer to fashionable East Egg will definitely help it sell.

P.S. 100 bonus points for who first identifies the reference in the title.


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