Sunday, October 08, 2006

A former life revisited

So, I left for [hometown] Friday after class and it helped me clear my head. Two and a half days where I turned my cell phone off and two and a half days of absolutely no law school related stuff. I don't really go back to hometown much- maybe once a year at the most, but I loved absolutely every moment of it.

Back in [hometown], I saw lots of people from my previous life, and it was great. I saw my high school sweetheart (everyone has a particular fondness for their high school gf/bf). She is currently married and has a kid, and that made our time together totally not weird. In high school, I was an athlete and she was a cheerleader (I know, a rare combination), but for various reasons, she didn't/couldn't leave after graduation whereas I was lucky and/or talented enough to leave hometown for [BigNameUndergrad]. It's amazing to see how our paths have diverged simply from this experience alone, and it was great catching up with someone who I cared for at one point and who I hadn't seen since the summer of my freshman year in college.

Apparently, my visit was a big deal for lots of people, and "[WOTF] is coming back home" was the talk of the neighborhood. I saw other old childhood friends, the majority of whom are working dead end jobs or barely scraping by, and many people kept remarking how I "made it." ("I can't believe old [my name] boy is at law school at UC-f---ing-LA" was a line I heard probably a dozen times this weekend.) It reminded me again of how far I've come in the six years since graduation from [Hometown] High School. While there's no way I would go back to [hometown] after law school, the trip reminded me that [hometown] will always be a part of me.

It was almost like the experience in Sweet Home Alabama, the chick flick I was once made me watch. Except for the whole Alabama thing.

So, that's my sappy story of going home. A weekend of no casebooks or outlines or briefs (or blogging for that matter) was great for my mental sanity.

And now back to law school reality.


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