Monday, October 02, 2006

Tarnished Yankees

So, in light of what happened yesterday with the revealing of Clemens and Pettitte as "performance-enhancing drug" users, my opinion of the Yankees dynasty has definitely dimmed. Of the players on the Yankees teams, Clemens, Pettitte, Grimsley, Giambi, and Sheffield are all now linked to aforementioned drugs. That has to be a record of players on any one team. Makes you wonder how many of those AL championships and World Series were won as a result of cheating.

Baseball playoffs are still starting tomorrow, and I still think the Yankees have a good team. They have simply lost my respect a little bit. A series of current and former players linked to drugs. A manager (although great) who at the very least tolerated it, if not promoted it. A manager who defended Clemens after beaning Piazza in the head for hitting too many home runs off of him and subsequently throwing a shattered bat at him. A former Yankees trainer who has been linked to the Clemens and Pettitte scandals.

But anyway, playoffs are beginning tomorrow. I am excited.


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