Thursday, June 21, 2007

Someone wants me

Ask any associate, and they will tell you that they get calls from legal recruiters all the time, telling them about better opportunities at other firms. These calls are apparently a fairly regular occurrence .

Yesterday, I checked my work voicemail, and I was left a message by a legal recruiter, trying to sell me on the idea of going to their client's firm. I didn't realize that legal recruiters recruited summers. Except then I realized that they knew the first few digits of the phone number for the evil legal corporation and just probably dialed consecutive numbers. But it would have been sweet had they specifically decided to call me based on all the 2-hour lunches I've taken...I mean all the fabulous work that I've done during my summer.


Blogger PT-LawMom said...

LOL! Yep, you figured it out. I have 10 attorneys' lines on my phone with caller ID and we see them call one after the other after the other. What they don't know is that we know and we will usually just SHUT THEM DOWN! :) That is, except for the lines of the ones we really want to leave. ;)

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