Friday, May 18, 2007

A brave new world

Lawyer Search Spurred by M&A Sends Manhattan's Best to Brooklyn
Interesting story about how "elite" law firms are recruiting at schools they traditionally scorned because of the demand for associates due to increased work quantity as well as competition from the private business side.
The more wealth that is spread around, the better for all. While I do think there is a slight correlation between the quality of lawyer one becomes and the quality of law school attended, I don't think the correlation is absolute (as people on autoadmit do), and it is nice to see firms expand their reach out of necessity. And I actually wouldn't be surprised if many from lower-tier schools outperform their peers from higher schools, given that they've had to be scrappy and fight for everything more often than students from the top schools who have either coasted or had things handed to them on a silver platter.
The increased demand for young lawyers and law students is probably also the reason I start at the evil legal enterprise next week.


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