Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sweet summer

So, I've basically recovered enough from the massive amounts of alcohol I consumed during the past three days to type a coherent post. But the feeling is still as good today as it was on Monday--that I'm no longer a 1L. I think that this feeling is among the top three feelings a law student can experience (along with graduation and finding a permanent job).

Some of you have asked--what am I doing this summer? Unfortunately, it will not be blogging as much. I will be working for a nice evil legal enterprise. The nice evil legal enterprise, as a condition in the contract, specifically warns against blogging. A line from my employment contract: "Summer associate agrees that he will not engage in posts on electronic message boards or contribute to any online journal ("blog")," regarding the evil legal enterprise. Despite harsh warnings, this is not why I will be writing less. I could care less about what the contract says (you see, I'm already learning to flout the rules as any good lawyer does), since as long as I don't post on company computer and servers, I'll be fine. No, the real reason is because I don't really think I'll have much to add, since the work assignments will be very boring and after work, evil legal enterprise will be having lots of repetitive social events. Hopefully, I will restart regularly once 2L and job hunting starts. I'm sure my readers are more interested in that than in wild stories from a summer associate.

Even though I won't be as frequent, I'll still be around, so check back regularly during the summer.


Blogger Strange Bird said...

You don't post all that frequently, anyway. ;)

Have a good summer!

1:42 PM  
Blogger nicolle said...

i'm glad my Evil Enterprise doesn't have an anti-blogging rule.

i don't plan on posting much about work, but still...i'd be sad if they had a no blogging rule.

5:17 PM  

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