Thursday, April 26, 2007

That time of the year

Done with classes, doing the last minute cramming before finals. Don't expect much posting from me between now and 5/14.

Law review results also came back:
To those of you who made it on and are sincerely interested in the intellectual pursuit of law (I suspect about 3 of you): I congratulate you and hope that law review provides you with intellectual stimulation you are looking for.

To those of you who made it on and are doing so solely for resume and prestige value (I suspect the other 30): enjoy the additional 20 hours a week of citechecking, plus trying to keep up the GPA.

To those who didn't make it on: nothing about you has changed, and you gave the writeon process your best shot. This does not diminish your abilities as a person or your potential as a lawyer. There's lots of other extracurricular opportunities in the other 12 journals here and countless other organizations and clinics that you can contribute substantively to. Limit the writeon to its facts: it tested your ability to write in six days, and not your writing overall. Like firms, law review has no inherent prestige, but rather, only the prestige that we give it. Construct your law career based on what you want, and not be miserable doing something you don't like doing (see infra).


Blogger nicolle said...

your realistic attitude about law review just plain rocks.

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