Monday, February 12, 2007

What happens in... stays in...

I turned down an offer for summer employment today. A biglaw offer. That pays. In Vegas. In a firm that represents some of the major players in the gaming industry. DOH!

Three months in a firm in Vegas would have been probably been the best experience of my life. We've all heard about the social offerings that law firms offer their summer associates. Now imagine these offerings, but only in Vegas and in Vegas-sized proportions. Knowing me, I would have come back from those three months with a penchant for fedoras, a string of drunken marriages and subsequent divorces, a habit for blow, and an addiction to the "specials" advertised on the glossy cards offered by the peddlers up and down the Strip. (On second thought, I would come back fitting in perfectly in L.A.)

So, I am sticking out for something in the Central District of California.

I simply couldn't and wouldn't want to see what would happen if I lived and were surrounded by the casino industry. Every day, I would probably wind up drunk on the Monorail without any socks (canal mishap at The Venetian), pants, or dignity belting out Springsteen, terrifying a group of elderly Japanese tourists.

Not that it has happened to me before...I'm just saying what could happen. Um, yeah.


Blogger buffalodawg said...

Congrats on having so many options. Sadly enough, I'm holding out for offers from fims in ... Alabama.

I've updated my url for google reasons. If you'd like to update your blogroll it is now

6:52 AM  
Blogger Strange Bird said...

That, and Vegas weather sucks in the summer. ;)

8:42 AM  
Blogger The Lioness said...

Your problem here is not Vegas, your problem is that for the most part, only Texas and a few other Southern markets condone splitting summers. While 3 months in Vegas would probably be overkill, 6 weeks in Vegas, followed by 6 weeks in a respectable LA firm might do ya just right. I'm happily splitting my summer between two big-law firms, and taking a week long cruise to boot.

7:55 PM  

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