Thursday, February 08, 2007

Two bite the dust

First things first, UCLA 70, USC 65, in front of a packed Pauley Pavilion, featuring in attendance John Wooden and the Governator. (eight clap)


Today I flipped on the news and caught a defense attorney's reaction to a particular murder charge where his client was found guilty. He was all animated and combative, proclaiming his client's innocence. His temples were flaring and his hands were pointing, saying that the jury was wrong and that he was going to appeal his client's case "all the way to the Supreme Court of the 'U-Na-Tid Stay-tzz'."

Pre law school, I would have thought, damn, that's one good attorney, going to appeal all the way to the SCOTUS. That's some pretty good client representation he's providing.

Having taken/taking Crim, I thought to myself that any attorney who is proclaiming that he will take a ordinary murder charge up to the SCOTUS either a) never took Crim or b) is trying to make a show in order to drum up more clients who are impressed by bluster.

Further reasons why I don't watch TV news and why I don't want to be a criminal defense attorney.


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