Sunday, February 18, 2007

Killer Bees

Email from a reader:
"I really enjoy your blog and I'm sure you've gotten this before, but you're a very good writer. It's a shame that you are in law school and not writing full-time."

Thanks for the complement. But do not fear, for I can pretty much tell you my future right now. I'm going to finish school and become a unhappy associate at White, Rich, and Male, LLP and grumble constantly about how life sucks. One day, I predict around the three year mark, I will quit the firm and the profession and decide that I will write the next great American novel. [Read the following sentence, listening for the sarcasm] Somehow, I figure that I will succeed, even though thousands of people more talented than me have attempted and failed to write the great American novel, simply because I have gone to law school and that a legal education is useful in lots of professions. Barring that, I will drop my pants and return to my former career as a male underwear model.

And in the event that the beer I have drank in order to cope with law school and the law firm will have made my six-pack abs no longer worthy of gracing boxer brief boxes, I will probably open up a surf school and shop, and spend the rest of my days as a shaggy haired surfer. And write a blog, "(Boxer) Briefs, Barristers Ball, Billables, and a Beach Bum."


Blogger angela said...

"(Boxer) Briefs, Barristers Ball, Billables, and a Beach Bum" sounds like something I'd subscribe to. ;)

10:19 AM  
Blogger BabyBarista said...

Like the blog. I've added a link on my own which is a fictional diary of a pupil barrister in England (see Cross links much appreciated though no worries if not. Best wishes, BabyBarista

12:57 AM  
Blogger Butterflyfish said...

Wow. Babybarista just left the EXACT same message at my place.


4:32 AM  

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