Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I feel like the NSA

So, I have a counter on my blog. As a result, I feel like I run a top-secret agency where I get to snoop in on people's personal lives. What is really entertaining is looking at the IP addresses of my visitors, and seeing the breakdown of my visitors.

I will say that visitors fall into a few categories:

20%: IP addresses from some of LA and SF's top white-shoe law firms. I am definitely impressed that associates/partners/bored paralegals from these firms actually read my blog. I hope that comes in handy come OCIP time next year. But I guess that would necessitate me outing myself.

20%: UCLA domains, largely from the law school and from Weyburn, the graduate dorm. I hope I am doing a good job of entertaining my fellow students/faculty/bored secretaries with my tales of debauchery (sometimes), despair (often), and witty wordplay (rare).

10%: Other IP addresses in Los Angeles and California in general.

20%: Fellow law school bloggers from around the country. Hope I am entertaining you, and giving you insight into the hard life I live in Westwood, where the weather is at least 70 year round, and everyone is gorgeous.

10%: Surprisingly lots of visitors who work in the federal government and court system. I am defiantly surprised at the contingent with state.gov, uscourts.gov, and usdoj.gov IP addresses. I didn't know my reach extended that far.

20%: Other. People who don't fit into one of the above categories. Here I give props out to whoever the regular visitor from Thailand is. I'm not sure how you found my blog, but good luck to you and the whole coup thing.


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