Sunday, September 24, 2006

Can't we all just grow up?

Long weekend...Did some studying and did some drinking. Same old. Details aren't important.

Here's a topic I've been thinking about recently and it manifested itself this weekend. The topic is America's puritanical attitude towards sex. During college, if a girl (and to a lesser extent a guy) hooked up with someone, their excuse the next morning was "oh, I was just drunk." Them being drunk, in their eyes, excused their actions. I don't buy that a single bit. Here's why: I personally don't like Indian food and I will not eat Indian food no matter now drunk I am (nor will I fellate a goat nor make out with the Law School Dean nor a whole litany of other things that I'm not into). The way I see it, we somehow need an excuse to act on our impulses because people are taught (especially girls) by Catholic schools and bible-thumpers that sex is a naughty thing and that only slutty girls want it. (See supra walk of shame...see I'm learning more in law school!)

[For those of you who don't believe me, here's an experiment for you: guy picks up girl at a bar and it's clear to both that they're doing to do it. Guy has to go through the pretense about saying (let's get out of here/go back to my place to listen to some music/go back and I'll cook you something). If guy were to say straight-out, "let's go back and have lots of sex," what do you think would happen? My guess is that girl would be offended, and say something to the effect of "I'm not that kind of girl."]

I thought that all those excuses were just a college thing, and that we would overgrow them. Indeed, my recent travels throughout Latin America and Europe showed a much more healthy attitude towards basic human impulses. There, things were said on face value, and people did not try to make excuses for their actions. (American girls wear thong underwear but would not be caught dead on a beach with their buttcheeks exposed, whereas fat 50 year old Greek women will have no problem prancing around topless in a thong on a beach for the whole world to see.)

Move forward to law school. I thought people would have grown up by now, but apparently they have not. Law school girls will hook up with boys and will be ashamed the next morning and give the same lame "I was drunk" excuse. Law school boys will act like a--holes and give the same lame "I was drunk" excuse. As if being drunk justifies your actions.

Come on...Grow up people. If girls want to hook up with guys, do it sober. If guys want to act like jacka--es, do it sober. It's a lot cheaper this least you don't have to spend money on alcohol as a stupid pretense.


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