Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A first time for everything

So, today I had my first experience of being cold called upon by a professor. The infamous Socratic Method, the infamous way professors torture their students by having them speak in front of everyone in their section about the case. (See The Paper Chase for a extreme view of it)

But I survived, and did not make a fool of myself. I did do the reading and have been briefing each case, so I was not scared. I think I might have even given a semi-logical and semi-convincing answer to the professor's questions.

In bad news, another gunner has popped up in my classes.

In good news, only 2 more days until bar review (incidents from last week: (1) 1L got drunk and fell down, breaking a tooth and needed to be sent to the hospital in an ambulance and (2) 2 slightly drunk 1L girls decide to make out with each other on a dare from a bunch of equally drunk 1Ls.

3 days until Labor Day weekend. Trip to San Diego, Vegas, or Malibu? That is the question. I know, I know, law school here in LA is rough, but someone has to go to school here. We can't all be attending school in the pretentious (and cold) Northeast.


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