Friday, August 25, 2006

Don't be that guy

I never really understood why people hated gunners. I mean, they have opinions and like to talk in class, which takes the burden off of you. You won't be called on my the teacher because the gunner is monopolizing all the time. I always believed that class is an intellectual experience and through interacting with your professors do you truly learn.

Until I got to law school.

It has been a week of classes, and I hate the gunner (OK, I have a few gunners in my section, but there is an "alpha gunner"). He is so opinionated that he loves to tell the professor what he thinks. He loves to talk about theories not relevant to class. He annoys people around him. He insists on talking to his neighbors and mutters things under his breath at comments the professor makes. In a 80 person section, I can be reasonably assured that at least 75 can't stand him (the other 4 are the minor gunners).

Recent exchange with Prof CivPro who is discussing personal jurisdiction:
PROF: Who can discuss how this personal jurisdiction plays in [case]?
GUNNER: [something about how personal jurisdiction is unfair]
PROF (trying to hide his irritation): That's interesting. Now, how about how it plays in this case?
GUNNER: [some hypo about jurisdiction in unrelated criminal case]
PROF [holds up casebook and points to casebook title]: We are in civil procedure and not criminal procedure. Your point is not relevant for this class. Who can tell me about personal jurisdiction in this civil case?
ANNOYED 1L: [gives correct answer]

And then today, [Prof CivPro] was getting tired of his comments and did not call on him for the last 20 minutes and gunner's hand was getting pretty tired by having to constantly raise it. So, a normal person would lower their hand, right? But not Mr. Gunner. He takes his left hand to support his right hand.

Classic. I was close to loosing it right in the middle of class. And best part is that [Prof CivPro] still did not call on him.


Blogger Dee Spake Trash Anyway... said...

i like the word gunner.. din strike me, i can make bloody good use of that word on someone in my class, omigod!!!! she is such a royal pain in the ass... she even gets into arguments with other students, and they end up becoming gunners by default, sad huh?

12:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

have you noticed that that particular gunner has very lady-like fingers? (they narrow at the tips). i think its because the blood rushes to the bottoms because his hands are always up in the air.

4:00 PM  

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