Tuesday, August 22, 2006

How am I already behind?

I have had 2 days of law school and I have no idea how I am already behind with my readings. I only have three substantive classes and a legal writing class, but apparently it is taking forever to read and brief all the cases that are assigned. Perhaps it is this whole "learning to think like a lawyer" thing I'm learning. Or perhaps it is because I'm not used to the density of law school readings. Or perhaps it is because I fool around too much (among other things blogging).

Class from 9-5 is getting exhausting.

Oh, and carrying around 3 casebooks everyday in my backpack and a laptop is taking a toll on my shoulders. There are people who go around with a rollie bookbag, but I refuse to do so out of principle. My biggest pet peeve before law school were people I saw who had rollies. I'd rather be the hunchback of Notre Dame, and it will be a cold day in hell before I get one.

At least I'm at law school in Southern California and not somewhere where it is not 85 and gorgeous every day (a contributing factor to my procrastination)


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