Sunday, August 20, 2006

Done and done

So, 1L orientation officially ended on Friday and classes begin tomorrow. That 's right--my law school career officially begins tomorrow at 9:15AM in room 1457 of the law school. Not sure how I feel, somewhere between nervous and excited. This weekend alternated between going out and getting hammered and being all studious, since each class has reading for the first day. There will be no "OK class, here is the syllabus, and this is what we will be doing" normal first day stuff. Instead, the prof will enter the room and turn on a unsuspecting 1L and ask about the case that was assigned.

One major observation of orientation: there is a real lack of color in the 1L class. What that means is that whites and asians aside, there are few hispanic or black students in the 1L class. Surely some of it has to do with Proposition 209 passed 10 years ago, and people have been saying that this class is more diverse than in years past, but still it is pretty disconcerting that a state institution such as UCLA has become so unrepresentative of the state as a whole. Here's a interesting view of the whole diversity issue at UCLA: A New Ivy.


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