Sunday, February 10, 2008


This upcoming week features basically the worst known day for the segment of the human species that have Y chromosomes.

It should be bred into human male DNA to avoid starting any sort of new relationship in the month before then dreaded V-day. Why? Because financially it makes no sense to do so.

The female species has evolved to expect things like dinner at Spago [Wolfgang Puck's restaurant in Beverly Hills] and other similarly expensive things. What ever happened to homemade cards made of construction paper and having the guy cook for the girl? And I would fear the wrath that would befall me if I were to use a line like "why do we need a special day to celebrate our feelings for each other when we should celebrate it everyday?" Or, "It's just a holiday made up by companies to sell stuff."

Basically, why start something before when you can start something on, say, February 15, and escape all sorts of expectations?

But for those who've been together since before the one-month window, I guess you'll just have to give in and fork over your dignity and wallet. [Lesson for me: D'Oh!]

[P.S. I was talking to a friend at Northwestern Law who told me that it was 3 degrees today in Chicago. I was in flipflops and shorts enjoying 80-degree weather as we spoke--another reason I'm glad to have chosen school here over school in colder climates.]


Blogger Strange Bird said...

I met my guy in January, and we've never done anything for Valentine's Day other than get take-out and watch TV together. Either he's very lucky, or I'm insufficiently demanding. I suppose I need to work on that. :)

6:56 PM  
Blogger CM said...

similar to strange bird -- V-Day can be much cheaper in long-term relationship land! Our tradition (since way before kids) is to stay in and make bread pudding.

6:58 PM  
Blogger The Fox said...

Well, I guess it speaks to my unluckiness and/or the type of girl I attract. Everyone I've dated over V-Day, since I was 16, has been of the "spend money on me" type (save one).

8:41 PM  
Blogger paragon2pieces said...

on V-days when i've been in a relationship, we've always stayed in. most of the time i offer to make a fancy dinner at home.

i think there's a happy medium somewhere between spago's and bemoaning the day as a hallmark holiday.

10:16 PM  
Blogger Tai said...

I'm going to have to assume it's the type of girl you are attracted to. Quiz: Does she go to a hair salon every 6 weeks? Does she always wear accessories? Does she wear heels as normal footwear? These things all point to the high-maintenance breed. Enjoy that buddy.

5:08 PM  

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