Wednesday, January 30, 2008

bling bling

I was pulled over today for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. In contrast to the last time I was pulled over, I admitted that I was wrong, and I got a ticket.

The police car that pulled me over was a unmarked police car, yet it was not very difficult to spot. It was a dark-colored Ford Crown Victoria. Since an incident 10 years ago, where the LAPD was outgunned by bank robbers and had to raid a nearby gun store for additional firepower, all police cars in LA now carry assault rifles. And these guns are visibly stored vertically in a case between the center console of all LAPD cars, even unmarked cars.

After I got my ticket, I started wondering what the point of unmarked cars are if everyone can tell that it is an unmarked car.

Perhaps the counterargument is that since lots of drug dealers/ rappers have assault rifles in their cars, you can't automatically be sure that any car with guns in it is an unmarked car. But when have you ever seen a rapper riding around in a Ford Crown Victoria?

(Actual line from 50 Cent's "Get In My Car": "So much chrome on my Benz, you see ya face in my rims."--Something tells me that "So much chrome on my Crown Victoria" wouldn't have sold as many records.)


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