Wednesday, January 16, 2008

blahblahblah <-- this is what I hear

Why do people gun? That is the proverbial question.

Regardless of the reasons, I have been glad that many of the former 1L gunners have calmed down, and no longer feel the need to say something for the sake of hearing their own voices. That ridicule from the rest of their peers have perhaps had its desired effect. (There are a few exceptions, like with any rule.)

But that doesn't mean upper-level classes are free from this particular annoyance.

So the question I would like to pose is, why do transfer students and foreign LLM students like to gun? LLM students presumably disliked gunners while in law school in their home country. Likewise, transfers presumably disliked the gunners while at their former school as well.

I don't think it's because the two groups feel the need to gun because they want to seem smart in front of their new peers, because we all know that hearing something smart coming from gunners' mouths is a rare occurrence.

My proposed explanation is this: gunners tend to transfer to a higher ranked school and seek a foreign law degree at a higher rate than non-gunners, since the same competitive attributes that explain their desire to gun tend to correlate with their seeking to transfer and do a second law degree.

Now, please shut up gunners so that I can return to my solitaire, snood, and scrabulous. They enlighten my brain more than listening to you ever will.

P.S. I'm not saying that all transfers and LLM students are gunners--many of them are actually quite nice--but that they tend to be gunners at higher rates than the general law student population.


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