Thursday, December 06, 2007

Fan mail

The following question was emailed to me by a 1L at school.

Dear Fox,
As I am studying for finals right now during the eve of our first 1L final, I am wondering what GPA one needs from UCLA to get a job at a big firm during 2L interviews? I know it's hard to get a firm job 1L summer, but what will I need for 2L year?

My response:
1) Stop worrying about the 2L job hunt now. Study for finals.
2) That being said, I think the magic number is around a 3.2 for a "biglaw" (i.e. firm that pays 130-160) job. This number doesn't guarantee a job; there are people with GPA above this but interview poorly and don't have a job yet. On the other hand, there are people lower than this who have connections or interview well who have firm jobs. But generally, straight B+ with a scattered B should put you in good shape.


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