Sunday, November 18, 2007

Open casting

So, I've been at this blog thing for a year and a half now. I was recently toying with the idea of having a co-blogger, and I'm putting the idea out there. If anyone at school consistently reads this, thinking that this is entertaining or insightful or thinks they can do better than me (not that hard, I assure you), this might be your opportunity. Or if a newbie wants to take a stab at this blogging thing, this might also be your opportunity. I don't even need to know who you are, and you can blog anonymously if you so choose.

Pro: instead of building readership from scratch, potential blogger would get immediate readership of around 200 hits a day, about half of these hits being from the law school.
Con: potential blogger could potentially be viewed of as a #2 to me.

I don't have particularly high standards (insert self-deprecating joke here), so I only require of any potential blogger to a) go to school here, b) can write moderately well, and c) be moderately funny and be willing to make fun of yourself.

Email/ call/ write a letter/ fax/ smoke signals/ carrier pigeon/ telegram if you're interested.


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