Thursday, November 01, 2007


During OCIP, my worst fear was that I would, in order to make the interview seem more personable, use the firm's name, and how I would screw it up majorly. (Well, OK my worst fear would be if I forgot my pants or if I farted, but you get my drift). So, in an effort to avoid this, I simply stopped using a firm's name, and replaced it with the generic "the firm."

Real-life example:
Q: So, why do you want to work at MTO/I&M/OMM/L&W/GDC etc.?
A: Because the firm's culture really sets it apart from your peers and because I've heard great things about the firm from my friends who work there. [Start dropping names, and conversation moves to mutual gossip about my friends who work there, and thus the interviewer conveniently forgets about my crappy answer.]

I would like to present Fox's awards for the top 5 firms no one can pronounce correctly.

5. LeBoeuf
4. Dechert
3. Debevoise
2. Stroock

And [drum roll] the winner of the most unpronounceable firm name goes to. . .
1. Sonnenschein


Blogger paragon2pieces said...

i use to work at I&M and, while i agree it isn't that hard to pronounce, ppl (as in attorneys from other notable firms who should be in the know) are always referring to it as "Irella"

12:47 PM  
Blogger M.T. said...

People butcher Wachtell all the time, saying "watch-tell."

Fried Frank is also a tough one.

9:04 PM  

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