Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Here we go

Apparently law schools are places that almost seem to thrive on controversy. Here we go again.

Don't know the whole story, but I assume the facts are pretty simple, as relayed to me. There is supposed to be an immigration panel discussion today. Yesterday, someone finds that the big poster that was made to advertise the event has been defaced by someone who wrote "Deport all Mexicans" on it. Poster was taken down once someone noticed it.

Not an indictment on anyone in the school, since we don't even know if it was a law student who wrote it. (The law school seems to be a magnet for the public who come to use the public law library, for undergrads who have their Testmasters classes, for non-law grad students who come to use the law library, as well as for other assorted random people.) But if it was a law student, I think it was a highly immature thing for a law student to do. If you have a disagreement with current immigration policy, well, I imagine that the logical thing to do would be to attend the panel to voice your objections. But then again, law students are not exactly paradigms of maturity...

[EDIT: Dean sent out usual email today about tolerance and diversity, with the subject line "Zero Tolerance."]

[EDIT #2: Less than flattering news at 2 more law schools. Emory and Hastings]


Blogger Counsellor in Cultivation said...

where does this notion STEM from that we are all somehow ethical, upstanding citizens???

(kidding, but it continues to amaze me that people think the title of lawyer or law student makes us somehow more venerable than any other human...)

7:32 AM  

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