Friday, October 05, 2007

One less robot

*Important Announcement*

The Fox is off the market.

The job market, that is.

After much indecision, I have chosen to accept a summer position at the venerable firm of White, Old, Rich, and Male LLP. [It will be referred henceforth as WORM]

Ten potential reasons why I was chose the firm (Note, only one of them is the real reason, and as a hint, it is not reasons 1 to 9)
-#1 The firm has a low partner/associate ratio
-#2 Associates get plenty of client contact
-#3 Great diversity
-#4 Billable hours of only 100 hours a year
-#5 I get my own ocean-view office
-#6 The firm pays above market
-#7 Partnership track is only 1 year
-#8 I can do unlimited pro-bono work
-#9 The firm invented the cure for cancer
-#10 I really liked all the people I met.

Anyway, I'm so glad the process is over. There's only so much fancy lunches, dinners, and fakeness that I can handle before I puke. I can finally go back to class.


Blogger LawSchoolBlogger said...

if they're got such great diversity...they might want to change the firm name.

8:01 PM  

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