Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Big Time

Observation of the day:

You know the people who work in recruiting departments across the country. Generally all female, young, good-looking, personable, seem nice, and who I try to hit on at all callbacks and receptions. Anyway, they're all really nice until you call/email to [decline the callback/cancel the callback/decline the offer]. I called today doing just that, and the nice fake recruiting lady turns into a robot. No, "I'm sorry you won't be joining us next summer" or "do keep us in mind in the future." Just, "where are you going instead so that I can close your file." And then she hangs up the phone. [EDIT: interesting story over at TJs about recruiting coordinators]

Apparently UCLAW has finally made it--We've finally been mentioned/ridiculed by Above The Law: Top Tier Law Schools Have Problems Too


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