Thursday, March 22, 2007

Elementary, my dear

Thursday after class, I depart for spring break, which will consist of 10 days of hitting the slopes and then hitting the beach. Thursday after class, lots of 1Ls will be beginning the law review writeon competition, where they will spend every living minute until next Wednesday writing a 10 page paper and bluebooking. Sucks to be them. But hey, look on the bright side, for those who make it on, they can look forward to two more glory-filled years: one year spending countless hours a week citechecking and bluebooking and if they survive that task, they then get to spend their 3L year being a managing editor checking over citechecking and bluebooking assignments.

Some of my recent posts have renewed an interest in my identity by people here at school. I've written posts about anonymity before, and here I will spell out in one place my feelings about anonymity. Some bloggers write blogs anonymously as a venue to vent or reflect about law school, and if they were ever found out, they would automatically delete everything and fold up shop.

But that's not why I write. I write for a few reasons: a) to undo the damage that legal writing does to people's ability to write creatively, since I surely won't be able to write the next great American novel using the words "issue", "rule", "rule proof", "positive authority," and definitely not the words "Id.", "supra", or "precedent."; b) to make people realize that law school is more than just reading and making outlines, and to poke fun at "the traditional law school way."; c) and more importantly, to share my thoughts with the outside world (you've got to love the democratization of information). As I said in my last post, I hate dishonesty and pretense, so I take responsibility and will continue to stand by everything I say.

But why have anonymity in the first place if I will take full responsibility for my words when [note: I did not say if] I am found out? Answer: simply because if people know that I am the author of the blog, people will want to watch their words when around me for fear of winding up online.

To the people at school who really want to know who I am, I have a special assignment for you, and perhaps this assignment will be a wanted break when you're all tearing out your hai...I mean enjoying the law review writeon: 1) Take the paper facebook, eliminate all the girls. You'll be left with around 170 1L guys. Eliminate all the minorities. You'll be left with around 140 1L guys--a pretty daunting number. Then, look over everything I've written for determinative facts that I've given. Do some good detective work, and you'll probably be able to figure me out from the original monster set of pasty white boys. 2) Oh, and at least two students at school already do know who I am, so seek out these individuals and try to bribe them if playing Sherlock isn't working out so well. 3) Or perhaps the simplest way of all: just look for the ridiculously good-looking 1L guy, and that'll be me.

Another hint: I really like making lists (as you couldn't already tell by this post).

Enjoy spring break. See you all soon.


Blogger M.T. said...

Interesting that UCLA does the writing competition over spring break. At Cornell, we don't have it until after spring exams - I'm not sure which sucks more.

I talked to a few partners at V20 firms and was surprised to hear them say that law review is not essential. They said it might look nice, but if you have the grades, interview well, and can write a good memo for them, you'll do just fine. Reassuring to know, I suppose. I think they convinced me to skip out on marginal benefit associated with 2 years of hell.


2:30 PM  
Blogger Mademoiselle De Rigueur said...

yay! I thought you were going to do law review. I seriously wanted to murder the editors for placing that thing in our mailboxes on the last day of spring break. Not even a minute to enjoy the freedom! Enjoy the break.

Oh and about your really want to be found out? I like to vent myself, and of the people who have figured me out, creeps me out. Too much time on their hands.

8:37 PM  

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