Saturday, March 03, 2007

Positivity for a change

Here's a plug for two news releases that I felt were pretty cool, and shows the Dean and the school's craving for a higher USNWR ranking, under the premise that top law schools are always looking at and doing research on the new frontiers of the law.

UCLA Law to Establish Unique Chair: A $1-million-plus gift from a gay couple will help fund the nation's first endowed professorship in sexual orientation law.

UCLA Law Hires New Faculty Member Doug Lichtman: Strengthen's School's Program in Entertainment and Intellectual Property Law

On #1: Regardless of your personal view of gay marriage or the like, I would think that most would agree that setting up a first endowed chair in the nation is pretty impressive, and shows a willingness of the school to look at the emerging issue.

On #2: To have recruited a professor from Chicago is a coup, just like Mnookin from UVA a while back. Strengthens the IP program for the school, and it is good to see that Dean Schill is leveraging our location and proximity to the entertainment industry to attract a foremost professor in the cross-section of entertainment/IP law.


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