Friday, February 23, 2007

All the uncool kids are doing it

Apparently, there has been a bit of negativity in my recent posts and I've been asked by a reader whether I hate law school.

Au contraire. Let me explain.

I actually enjoy law school quite a bit, and I'm actually glad that I'm here. For starters, I turned down some of the East Coast "T14" schools basically because a lot of the students I met/know there were very dissatisfied with the rat race, whereas UCLA is much more chill (and the surfing is also much better).

My negativity recently was towards the job hunting process and towards the mainstream approach to law school. Even the chiller than most law schools classmates here have started freaking out over the whole jobs/law review/GPA thing. One of the reasons I enjoy law school is that I march to the beat of my own steps and am not concerned with what others are doing. I've always been a little unorthodox in my ways and I always been rebellious. As a kid, whenever my parents said something, I would always say instinctively no. Except my parents would always get me and tell me that I couldn't go to bed, and I would rebel by saying that I want to go to bed. (I never said that I was very smart!) But that rebellious streak developed by the time I was five has always stayed with me.

I don't stay in the library until 11:30 every night doing reading or outlines but rather do my work in a smarter (in my view), more efficient, and definitely not law school professor approved way. [Email me if you want to know my method--I'm happy to share, though I should warn that it's not for everyone]. That leaves me time for surfing, going to concerts, some Mammoth and Big Bear action, and also time to break a few hearts. If I had to do law school the "mainstream" way, I would definitely hate it and probably go the way of LSV and LTF and quit.

To answer the original question, I enjoy law school because I've gotten to the desire end goal: I have a decent GPA and I also have a summer job lined up [in the Central District of California!][that pays!]. But without the pain.


Blogger angela said...

Teach me your ways, oh great one...! ;)

1:46 AM  
Blogger The Fox said...

check your email.

11:22 AM  
Blogger paloma said...

i am really dying to know your method because mine sucks apparently.

5:46 PM  
Blogger M said...

I just found your blog. Actually, I think I started reading it a bit last year when I was applying for law school... it's more poignant now that I'm actually a 1L here now. Please let me know your clever study strategy...

1:28 AM  

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