Thursday, December 21, 2006

CVS, part dos

One more story: I broke my trusty Mach3 yesterday that I've had for a long time, as the handle just snapped off. So today I go to the drugstore (where I looked for everclear two days ago) looking for a new razor. I was going to buy another Mach3, but I see Gillette's latest offering--the 5-blade Fusion which was only marginally more expensive than the Mach3. So I get the battery operated Fusion Power, which promised the closet shave possible. If by closest shave possible means getting cut and bleeding and cursing like a sailor like there's no tomorrow, I guess they're right. Whoever decided to make a razor with 5 sharp vibrating blades has obviously never heard of strict liability.

I'm throwing it away and getting me another (nonvibrating) Mach3.


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