Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Right now is about 48 hours since I finished my last final. What transpired in those 48 hours is kind of fuzzy, but here is a incomplete recollection pieced together through my memories, photos, and through the call log and voicemail of my phone. Some of these moments are with law students, others are with TheLadyFriend and her friends.

-I drunk dialed many people.
-I drunk dialed many people I now regret, among them several ex-es.
-I was in no condition to drive the last two days, but I thought that I was going to die many times. Apparently when it is dark and I am drunk I think every pair of headlights coming in the opposite direction is going to crash into us.
-I apparently walked into a CVS and asked the cashier very loudly where the condoms were (aisle 3) and if they sold Everclear (no, they don't).
-I set my outlines, emanuels, and all the other papers I've collected during the semester on fire.
-But apparently I stubbornly refused to light my casebooks because I could get money back for them to buy alcohol with.
-I was inappropriately groped by and also inappropriately groped many law students at Circle Bar (where the main 1L party was held).
-Being the recipient of a drunk dial voicemail from a 1L girl asking me if I would like to "light her fire" makes me feel special.
-Telling LadyFriend about voicemail earns me a punch in the arm.
-Drunk law school guys like to get in fights and get thrown out of bars.
-Drunk law school girls like to get in fights claiming girl 1 is hitting on girl 2's boyfriend.
-Talking about 12(b)(4) notice requirements do not make interesting conversation pieces with non-law school people.
-Actors and struggling actors view law school students (i.e me) as the absolute bottom of the totem pole.
-Consuming mojitos, beer, wine, champagne, scotch, red bull, vodka, and doing tequila shots all within the course of a night makes you feel like death the next morning.
-I woke up Tuesday afternoon feeling like death.
-I woke up Wednesday afternoon feeling like death.
-In-N-Out double cheeseburgers make me feel less like death.

Okay, that's about it. I'm going to bid you guys adieu for a while. I'm going to spend my winter break on a mountain with lots of snow alternating between getting drunk and skiing down the mountain. Hasta 2007!


Blogger angela said...

AWESOME! And I thought there was drama that transpired when people from my law school and I went to Vegas after finals... no one set anything on fire, though; that takes the cake.

2:46 PM  
Blogger Mademoiselle De Rigueur said...

you burned too?

8:52 PM  

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