Saturday, December 16, 2006

Law school prom

I got the following email recently for the infamous law school prom that is happening in the end of January. Apparently, it is so important that the SBA needs to remind everyone of it during finals. I've also heard through the grapevine that the tickets are kind of expensive, even though they are subsidized by our dues. Here's a thought SBA: why not find one of the many white-shoe LA firms to sponsor it? I guarantee that a) lots of firms will be more than happy to shell out $20K and advertise its name on the UCLA law school prom (they already sponsor random useless conferences about Malaysian tort law reform here at school) and b) they will definitely want to see their future associates in their natural environment and also take some potentially scandalous photos for use as blackmail to get these aforementioned future associates to bill more hours when they come to the firm. And c) nudity is always fun.

Hi Everyone,

Barrister's Ball is just around the corner and we (the Barrister's committee people) need your photos from this year/last year for the slide show that will be running all night. We want photos from bar review, studying, hanging out, group events etc...Put them on powerpoint slides and of course, add captions if you want to. Send them to [redacted]. Try to get them to us by Jan 20th or so. (Remember, if you are planning on embarrassing anyone, be nice and get their permission first...oh, and while nudity is always fun, it's not appropriate for the slide show).

Tickets go on sale the Wednesday we get back...the sooner you buy, the cheaper they will be.

Have a great winter break!


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