Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Give me something good to eat

I stopped off today in the Halloween store in Westwood, and I got myself my Halloween costume. While I was browsing the store, I found the chick-magnet costume hilarious. I'm not going to say what I'm going to be, but I spent much time agonizing over the choices, I got something that was quite original, and it is sure to impress and amuse people.

It's sad how life-sucking law school is when I've been looking forward towards Halloween for months (the other long-yearned for moment is the minute after finals when I get to heave all my law-related books into the dumpster).

One observation though: Halloween is definitely much less constrained for a guy than it is for a girl (like many things in life, feminists will argue, a point I actually agree with). Why? I would say that 90% of the women's costume in stock were of the sexy schoolgirl/witch/devil/buxom pirate wench variety. But I guess supply follows demand rather than the other way around, since it is the one day of the year (pimps and ho's parties excluded) where girls can have a legitimate excuse to get all slutted out. For loyal readers, you should recognize the familiar theme of my distaste for pretense, but for once, I'm not going to complain about slutted-out girls. Pretty shocking I know.

I'm sooo excited for trick-o-treat day though I still feel like crap.


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