Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Can't we all just get along?

So the situation here escalated a little bit today. People are getting a little bit more belligerent, and I think this was a whole Dean-induced blowup. Without the email to the entire school, some of us (including me) would not have known about the whole thing, and it's gotten bigger as a result of him bringing it up. I do understand why he had to address it though as part of his "deanly" duties.

So, there are basically two arguments floating around. I'm not going to address specifics since I don't know the entire story, but just assorted bits and pieces of hearsay. From my understanding, today an anonymous person wrote a letter to some minority leaders/SBA basically saying for them to not make a big deal of the whole thing since it wasn't a big deal. And then of course, the minorities are not happy about the whole thing. And then there are the majority of the students who could care less either way just standing around watching this all occur.

Here I was thinking that moving to laid back Southern California would get me away from the craziness of the real world...

So, the school is currently divided (of those with an opinion) into the "Here they go again those Mexicans complaining and making a big deal" camp and the (multi-racial) "It is a big deal" camp. At least going to a school without AA, there is not the whole "you don't really deserve to be here like the rest of us" argument that will invariably be invoked in these types of situations by the unfortunate few.

And here's the best part...the argument is currently being played out on a blackboard. I will try to take a picture of it tomorrow if it is still up. Here at school, there's a blackboard near the main entrance that students use to announce events and post lost and found items. So, there is an argument going back and forth by anonymous individuals on a board. Sound familiar anyone?

I guess this can be expected placing a group of argumentative, opinionated, and (mildly) socially awkward people in a high school setting. Add a dash of rumor, conjecture, and gossip, and you have the uniquely American thing called law school.

[UPDATE: Thanks to the law student who graciously took a picture and sent it to me. Much obliged--you know who you are.]


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