Monday, September 11, 2006

A new commitment

Oh, totally forgot to write about this...

I recently got on one of the many journals here at UCLA. There is the law review and 11 other journals. Law review is a whole other animal in that applicants have to do a assignment DURING spring break of their 1L year. I'm not sure if I'm going to attempt that yet, but as of now, I'm on one of the other journals.

So what journals, at least for 1Ls, entail is basically something called cite checking and then Bluebooking. Cite checking is going back and finding the original material the author cited to make sure that he cited and quoted everything correctly. Bluebooking is the MLA Handbook of Law School, published by the Harvard, Penn, Yale, and Columbia Law Review mafias. It basically tells you how to list sources. Where to put a period, how many spaces, where to put an em-dash, etc. Whoever made it has got to be really anal about their punctuation, and sure as hell did not go to public school like I did.

So, basically I just signed myself up to be a 1L slave for a journal. I am interested in the topic, but I might as well have done the UCLA Journal of Medieval Tanzanian Family Law for all I'm concerned, if all I will be doing is checking over law school professors' papers.

Note to law professors so as to make my life easier: if you can't do something as basic as cite correctly, perhaps you shouldn't be in the profession.


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