Friday, September 22, 2006

Random tidbits

Random tidbits from today:

1: The votes have been counted and 1L SBA representatives have been chosen. I'm actually happy about the choice of 1L president, as I think he was defiantly the best choice of the three who were running. Two section representatives were elected by default because they were the only ones running. Another section rep election was tied, so there is going to be a runoff. Fabulous...More campaigning...I would like to declare that my vote is hereby for sale to the highest bidder.

2: I was asked out today by an education grad student I met on the campus shuttle. Too bad I told her that I already had plans this weekend [drinking and studying]. But I learned my lesson from the incident last week and gave her my number. But she does get 100 bonus [Westlaw] points in my book for her initiative. Way to stand up for liberal feminist ideals, EdGirl.

3. I was [somewhere in the law school] [recently] and [someone] was reading my blog. [He/she] [made a comment] to me about the blog and wondered who in the 1L class was writing it. I think I said something very awkward and [made an excuse to leave].

Off to poison my liver...


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