Sunday, September 17, 2006


I really shouldn't be posting, as I have a legal memo due for my writing class tomorrow. I can see this whole blogging thing being the cause for me failing out of school. As could be this whole Southern California thing and the distractions it causes.

So, I started writing my memo last night. About a page and a half through, I decide to go to the local watering hole for a drink. My mind will work better on a little alcohol, I tell myself. Two beers, and I'm back to do the memo, I planned. Well, two drinks turn into many more. I spy a hottie and I start talking to her. It was polite banter for a while. She's a 20-year old undergrad English major. I throw in some lines from The Wasteland and Prufrock. She becomes more interested. Then I mention that I'm in law school. And bamm, it was as if a switch turned on, and soon we are sucking face. [skip about 7 hours of the story, as I intend to keep this a family blog] I wake up at her place with a splitting headache, and come back home and crash until noon. A whole 12 hours lost of potential memoing.

I am not one to judge. Perhaps she was attracted to me because of my good, all-American, high cheekbones. Or perhaps to my ability to quote 20th century modernists. Or perhaps it was because of the alcohol. But, as what ran through my cynical brain today, if she was a gold-digger, she erred greatly. First off, I'm just a 1L, and currently have a $-40,000 net worth. Second, I don't remember her name (starts with a J, I think) and I lost the bar napkin with her number somewhere during the night/morning.

Back to memos. This will be an all-nighter.


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Wow, good story. Your blog is really entertaining.

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