Saturday, September 16, 2006

Just like high school

So, I've already wrote about how law school is like high school in many ways. Here's another: student government elections.

So, time has come for the 340 or so 1Ls to start voting for student government positions, and people are already starting to campaign. Today I go to the law school and in the locker room are these signs featuring Jack Bauer, Jack McCoy and other celebrities telling me to vote for [douchebag 1L]. Candidates are trying to size up other candidates and getting all their friends to pass along the word to vote for _______ for president/section rep/secretary/etc.

I understand law students are all high achieving type A personalities, but how are my 1L elected representatives going to represent my interests? And just how much change can they accomplish? There's still going to be curves, gunners, lockers, Socratic method, bad dressed professors, and douchebag 1Ls regardless of who represents the interests of the 1L class.

CANDIDATE SAYS: "I want to represent my fellow 1Ls to make sure that the administration is responsive to our needs and to make our voices heard so as to improve our collective 1L experience."

CANDIDATE MEANS: "This is going to look sweet on my resume come OCIP time. And my grandma is going to be so proud. And hopefully, this will make me seem important enough so that I [can get some action from slutty-but-insecure hottie in section 5] / [get me noticed by the tall cute surfer boy in section 10]"


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