Saturday, September 16, 2006

A post at 1:45AM

Why am I up at 1:45AM on a Friday night? Because law school has picked up the pace and now I seriously feel that the work aspect of law school is going to have to have priority over the social aspect. I went out to dinner with some people tonight, but then came back and started doing my memo for Lawyering Skills due on Monday.

Perhaps it's because as a English major, I'm used to fancy writing and cutting edge word play, but law school writing is so plain and boring, and I'm not used to that. Plus, the structure of a memo is so rigid that I always have to stop myself from doing something creative. As my law skills professor said, "lawyers are very anal and I'm just trying to drill the habit into you so that you're prepared for life at a law firm."

I decided after going to Q's [the bar review place] last night that I will probably stop going to them regularly. My old 24 year old body just can't party as hard as it used to, and can't keep up with them 22 year olds.

And as was reminded to me today, first semester of law school is over 1/4 of the way done.


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