Friday, February 29, 2008


Law school prom tonight. Let's hope for less drama this year (2Ls will know what I mean).

I will be out of action/recovering all weekend.


Blogger Miss said...

Hello Mr. Fox,

I am a prospective law student (currently waiting to hear back from over a dozen schools, and am now waitlisted at UCLA) and was doing research on different law schools or simply don't have anything better to do than to envy other students who are currently where I hope to be one day this year. Needless to say, I came across your blog. I started out in your 2006 series and was sad that there weren't any more recent entries. But...I clicked around. Visited Mademoiselle de Rigueur. Clicked around her blog and managed to find myself back at "The Fox" 2008 edition!!! Yippee! I really enjoy your blog. I have been intending to take my dog on a walk to the post office (yes, to mail in supplements to UCLA for my application) but have instead spent the past hour and a half reading your law school life. I will get ready to go to the post office now (because it's Saturday...if I walk, it's far...and if I don't hurry, they'll be closed and that would suck because I walked!) Just thought I'd let you know that total strangers (i.e. ME - female/minority/25/BigName Undergrad c/o '04) read and enjoy your blogs. Take care.

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