Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More rankings

Apparently, Princeton Review also wants to get into thee rankings game, and they recently published their own list of the top 50 law schools. According to these rankings, UChicago is the best law school in the country, Harvard is #14, Stanford is #24, and Yale is #35, so take the rankings with a grain of salt.

What I am impressed by is how UCLA is ranked #13, a fairly consistent ranking that UCLA has managed to hold across the multitude of law school rankings.

Even more impressive is how Princeton Review also surveys the average number of study hours a day at each law school. Cornell has the distinct honor of being the most studious law school. UCLA is ranked as one of the least studious schools, surpassed in terms of slackerdom among the top schools only by UT, USC, Yale, and NYU.


Blogger Strange Bird said...

Er? I can't wait to read how they decided to do these rankings. I am so not surprised about UCLA turning up as not all that studious. Every time I feel guilty about all the work I'm not doing, I realize that most of my classmates are doing just as little.

5:55 PM  

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