Sunday, July 15, 2007

What it takes

I got the following, semi-satirical email about biglaw hiring, and I found it pretty accurate.

Ivy+crack an appropriate joke+arrogance=hired
1st tier+law review+joke+humility=hired
2nd tier+law review+GPA+joke+humility=hired
3rd tier+law review+GPA+unique work experience+joke+self deprecation=hired.

[EDIT: I would modify "law review" to "law journal." I would also add nepotism as an feasible alternative. Or change your name to Paris Hilton, because we know any hiring partner would be stoked to say that "Paris Hilton works at our firm," even if you're not Jailbird Paris (since DUI+jail time+multiple sex tapes on the internet will severely hamper one's chances of passing the character portion of the bar).]


Blogger LawSchoolBlogger said...

what's a good example of a self-depreciating interview joke?

8:40 PM  

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