Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Quote of the day

A 1L has a summer job at a university in the deep South doing some legal work. A member of the administration of the Southern school tells him that the South is going to be quite a culture shock for him. According to the administrator, girls there are "very obedient and well-groomed."


Blogger Strange Bird said...

That's the culture shock???

10:51 AM  
Blogger phil...nothing more needs to be said said...

Well...considering I'm the 1L that has this supposed "legal job" I thought I would set the record straight.... First of all... you only have half of the story isn't the deep is middle America...big difference...if you had actually ever traveled east of Palm Springs you would know the difference. Second, the comment was made by an administrator in the context of repeating one persons view about one girl up for admission at the university. That view is representative of how women are treated in the Bible Belt by some older white men... not by an administrator representing the University. Third...there are open minded and closed minded people all over this country. In fact there are closed minded, judgmental, ignorant, self-absorbed bloggers at UCLA School of Law (and I'm not talking about Volokh) that make claims about other colleges and people without any real knowledge about what the truth is.
Fourth...the obedient and well-groomed comment was made about one female...not all of the "girls" in middle America... the reason for this is pretty obvious...why would it be a good recommendation if they all were obedient and well-groomed? Finally, I think it's really sad that you run and constantly post on an anonymous blog that won't allow other users to post anonymously. How hypocritical of you. Are you afraid of your opinions or just that you can't defend them face to face? Do you sweat profusely when you get pressure from people with a superior intellect? Maybe you’re just socially awkward because your mommy and daddy were over-protective and never let you go to parties in high school. Maybe if you had you would have actually developed some social skills. I’m just wondering because I'm not afraid to tell people what I think and feel. I own my opinions and I'm not afraid to tell you that your hypocrisy is quite sad. I guess you're just the kind of person (SAD PATHETIC GEEK) that is more comfortable speaking your mind and expressing your true feelings on a computer with the shelter of internet to protect you from genuine human interaction or conflict. Good luck being a litigator...and by the way...FIND OUT THE TRUTH AND GET SOME BALLS BEFORE YOU START CALLING OUT SCHILL / MY EMPLOYER / OR ANYONE ELSE...AND MAYBE TRY TO INTERACT WITH SOME PEOPLE ON A DAILY BASIS...MAYBE IF YOU DO YOU MIGHT ACTUALLY MAKE SOME FRIENDS THAT WILL HONOR YOUR OPINIONS AND VALIDATE YOUR PITFULLY LIFE. But hey…what do I know…According to you, I work for people who like their women well-groomed and obedient. Get your facts straight Junior and stop trying to play Dan Rather.

9:06 PM  

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