Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I'm a posterboy

Apparently there is a segment of law school students who subscribe to the "grades are a complete crapshoot" philosophy. I'm not sure that I subscribe completely to it, nor do I completely disagree. But anyway, I've gotten all my grades now, and I could definitely be the posterboy.

My grades : A+, B+, B- (the writing class is graded only for 2nd semester)

Prof. A+ recently sent me a note saying that I got the highest grade in the class and that he/she "sense[s] that there's something special" about my abilities.

I can imagine the following conversation between Professors A+ and B- (both are friends with each other):

[Prof. A+]: "[Fox] is an absolute genius. His exam was absolutely brilliant, and he spotted and analyzed more issues than I even had on my checklist. Definitely future law professor material."

[Prof. B-]: "Are we talking about the same [Fox]? His exam was absolute crap and my three-year old could write a better exam than him. Definitely future unemployed, fail the bar four times material."


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That must be so frustrating.

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