Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rare political post

I generally try to avoid writing about politics for two reasons: 1) I can't stand the back and forth of political conversations and 2) unlike many law school students who eventually want to enter politics, I have zero interest in being a politician or working for one.

For regular readers, you probably can deduce my political leanings. Even though I subscribe to a political party, I actually believe that control of all levels of government by any one party, Blue or Red, is a bad thing. Working unilaterally because one party has absolute control is not in the best interests of national unity. Split branches, on the other hand, will actually require people to compromise, to determine priorities, and to step back and see the big picture political landscape. In other words, to fully integrate themselves with the advantages and burdens of a democratic system of government.

So, here's my broad, very neutral take on the events of 11/7.

For Republicans:
Blame for what happened lies in three words: Bush, Iraq, Ney. The party squandered its good will it gained over the last twelve years and did not stick to its principles it started out in 1994 with. Power has a tendency to do that to people, and absolute power in the form of the White House, House, and Senate exacerbates the situation. It needs to go back to examine its core principles, and to revamp its message for 2008.

For Democrats:
It's taken 12 years, and it needs remember that being complacent with power was what started the downfall the last time around. The party has convinced Americans that the country is headed in the wrong direction, and needs to follow through on what it promised. If it does not follow through on its campaign promises or get too giddy over the win, they will quickly be booted in 2008.


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