Saturday, September 08, 2007

Interview stories

(1) Firms will usually print out a copy of the interviewer's bio and stick it on the door of the interview room. I am waiting for my interview and reading over the interviewer's bio. My face is 8 inches from the door. Previous interview finishes. Interviewer opens door to let the previous student out. My face is still 8 inches from the door. Pretty obvious that I was unprepared and reading the bio right before the interview.

(2) Another interviewer to me after interview was over: "Thanks for the highly entertaining interview. I don't think I've laughed so hard so hard during the recruiting cycle this year."

(3) I have amassed a large collection of post-it highlighters and Starbucks cards.

(4) Latham consistently gives out the best toys. They were the first firm to start the USB drive trend about 2 years ago. This year's toy is a 1GB USB drive that is the shape of a credit card and fits into a wallet.

(5) Today was only day 4 of OCIP. I am absolutely wiped out.


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