Monday, January 15, 2007

So I have this friend...

So I have this friend who writes a blog about law school in Los Angeles. And this friend has a question about the proper etiquette about meeting someone in real life. A certain female blogger/reader is going to be in town and has talked about meeting in person. My friend would have no problems knowing how to interact with a male visitor. My friend would take him to a bar and proceed to get hammered while exchanging PG and PG-13 rated stories about law school.

But my friend is not exactly sure about the proper etiquette for a female, since he has never done any of this online dating thing or has ever met anyone off the Internet. Does my friend even meet this female blogger/reader? If yes, does my friend first go facebook/myspace/google her? Where's the appropriate first place meeting? How would my friend greet her? Waive/handshake/awkward uncomfortableness? Does he hug her? If so, to what degree--the stand 2 feet apart and lean in with just the arms/the typical male-male hug pat on the back type/the close enough so he presses up against her boobs hug? And then what? Does he offer her some kavosier and buy her a fish sandwich (as would be prescribed by Leon Phelps)? If everything is awkward, does my friend pretend to get a text/call and excuse himself saying something important came up? And my friend has other questions, but he can't exactly think of them because he had a very long weekend.

My friend would appreciate any input on the matter.


Blogger Lily Graypure said...

I've not exactly done this many times, but my advice is to hug her if you're the sort of person who regularly hugs others. If you think of her as "one of the guys" or "just a friend," then you take her to the bar to get drunk. If there's sexual tension . . . still take her to the bar to get drunk, it will loosen both your inhibitions.

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